The Owl's Castle
Exhibition by Carin Klonowski and Étienne François, Art Center Les Églises, Chelles, Fr

Exhibition The Owl’s Castle
by Carin Klonowski and Étienne François, Art Centre Les Églises, Chelles, Fr

Talaria 350 V2 , on invitation by Carin Klonowski


[...] Back and forth between past and present will alter the objects: fragments of a building, a decaying décor, annotations, images of a truncated narrative... Étienne François and Carin Klonowski will mix works that call for a feeling of reanimation of a fantasised past, paintings with romantic references will rub shoulders with draperies in clerical colours that have been rehabilitated as writing supports. These echoes of ancient references will be approached using contemporary techniques - the paintings may be taken from scans, the texts are digitally embroidered or laser-engraved, wooden blocks will be borrowed from the current systems of archaeological museums, colourful lighting to the theatricalisation of heritage... [...]