Exhibition at the Contemporary art center the Saint-Léger park, Pougues-Les-Eaux, Fr

Group exhibition Veillée*,
At the Contemporary Art Centre in the Parc Saint-Léger, Pougues-Les-Eaux, Fr

"I tell you this as it comes now.
in prey, and you will forgive me for this discrepancy.
I'll be whoever you want me to be
I will be who you want me to be
my features will become the ones you've always dreamed of
and you will plunge everything about you into me.
then, and because from that moment on, neither you nor I will be any different
we will look for the reasons for what I do together
of that which comes from darkness and grows by me before you
you will ask me questions about
what this darkness has produced in me
that no light and no stage can conquer
and I'll tell you about those forms that have no name.
that I am constantly renaming and for which others must disappear.
and this headlong rush
of this collapse of which I am an accomplice...
when taken together at the edge of the cliff we will slide down
you'll bite me
you will bite me so intensely that you will see me melt before your eyes.
and I won't be in front of you anymore,
I will no longer be your invention
I will no longer be in the light
drowned everything will be gone again
things alone will remain
with their irreverence and their first forgetfulness
not knowing what they're doing there
as the beautiful proofs do. »