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"The exhibition MATIÈRE ÉCRAN is about cross-disciplinary art forms, between the digital and the tangible. The screen is shown as a history counter, a digital footprint. It mirrors our identity, reflecting our digital self, our avatar. At a time when the relationship with the screen is omnipresent, the artists in the exhibition redefine its role and offer another point of view.
They express a vision that reflects the place of technology in contemporary society, questioning how it shapes our perception of the world. By questioning the notion of reality, they create fictions. Images inspired by or drawn from everyday life, but with their own digital existence.
They are scanned, decomposed, overexposed, pixelated...

The works presented at the exhibition are inspired by an aesthetic directly linked to technologies and the application of image processing. The image is digitally decomposed, exacerbating the pixel's place in its substance.
Manon Pretto diffracts reality to give it a different impact. Au delà du mur, on the theme of the border, is composed of two mirrored images, one a negative of the other. Using effects that transform the image and exacerbate its colors, she transposes reality to offer a critical distancing from our territories.

Digital matter is transposed into tangible work, in which the screen is seen as a medium. The works transform reality by visually disrupting physical space; by staging the contrast between the inertia of the plastic composition and the moving matter on the screen, or conversely, by mimicking the luminous priorities of the screen with backlighting principles.

Manon Pretto uses the same principle in her backlit installation Un gant sur la lune, based on the concept of fictional archaeology. This photograph of an everyday object presents the future relics of the present, disrupting the temporality of the object being viewed. With this work, she muddies the waters of the veracity of images, echoing the way we consume them in the age of the 'Fake', when anything can be manufactured.
The artist also questions the notion of imprint and digital memory, in her Sample series extracted from the installation Under the ground; laid out on the floor and composed of printed digital works, screens and debris... like the remnants of a digital space in ruins. Presented at the exhibition, the Sample series is the sample, a transposition of stone into pixelated matter, a digital artifact."

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