Assemblage #27 Atlantis, is calling
exhibition Julio Artist Run Space, Paris, Fr, 2021, 2021

Icart Prize, Art Centre Christiane Peugeot, Paris, Fr, 2021

installation, multiple screens, photos, different media, variable dimensions, 2021

performance, protective foam masks, cables, blue neon, music, 2021

Under The Ground
Installation, multiple screens, rubble, digital photos, variable dimensions, 2020

Exhibition, Humanoïde de Lerne, ESACM, Clermont-Ferrand, Fr 2020, 2020

Humanoid of lern
Multi-screen installation, 2020

The Owl's Castle
Exhibition by Carin Klonowski and Étienne François, Art Center Les Églises, Chelles, Fr, 2020

Nomadic 5020
Video, 2'10", 2020

Sculpture series, basket moulding, metal parts, variable dimensions, 2020

If you see something, say something
Exhibition at Exposition, Triangle Arts Association – New York, USA, 2020

Installation interactive, image de 3D, video, 6'18", 2020

Exhibition, Leurre // 19 , In extenso, Clermont-Ferrand, Fr, 2020

Archaeocollapsology 2345
Installation, 3D printing Nike air force one, rubble, variable dimensions, 2020

L'heure Bleue
Short film, 16'38", 2020

New Univers 3040
Installation, tablet, Plexiglas engraving, video, variable dimensions, 2020

A glove on the moon
Installation, photography, 100 x 70 cm, 2019

Shadow whisperer
Performance, 2019

Bargoin Habit(É)
Exhibition, performance, 2019

Screen escape
Installation, performance, printed sail, video projection, 2018

Filter bug
Photography, Filter, dibond photo print, 60 x 90, 2018

Protective mask
Photography, variable material mask, variable dimensions, 2018

Jacket, bike area rooms, modular jacket, variable dimensions, 2017

sleep is separation
Sculpture, performance, pillow, 80 x 100 cm, 2017

Exhibition at the Contemporary art center the Saint-Léger park, Pougues-Les-Eaux, Fr, 2017

Home sweet home
Installation, transportable bed, folding bed read to back, bed tent, variable dimensions, 2016

Body fiber
Sculpture, cover and clothing, variable dimensions, 2016