Exquisite Welfare of Uncanny Mutations
Cumulus Artist Runspace, Bordeaux, Fr

By inviting these two worlds to cohabit and develop together in a single sculptural proposition, two distinct worlds collide and balance into a common vision.

Indeed, while Manon Pretto's work seems to revolve around the possibilities of an environment where the digital ghosts of a liquefied humanity work autonomously to ensure the functioning of a residual world in search of balance, belief and purpose, the mutating organic realm of Simon Gabourg's work constantly reinterprets animal and plant reality within a production where myths, rites and traditions seem to endure in a world where the greatest actors of destruction have probably disappeared. Despite two a priori radically opposed points of view, strong links are woven between these approaches, both staging a world after humanity, where everything finally seems to find rhythm and balance, and where the only traces of our fallen presence are loosened through fragile spiritual reminiscences resembling shamanic visions. Then, as if by magic, everything works, everything holds together. We're part of a peaceful universe where well-being and harmony are perhaps the key words. There are no power struggles, no hierarchies, and this symbiotic world appears as a global system, an ideal Hyperobject, sending us back ever more violently to the logics that govern our present.

If there's one thing that seems to assert itself in these two works, which are now one and the same, it's the possibility of a balance, a poetic vision as a weapon against a fragmented world of violent and unbearable fragmentation, whose mutation seems necessary and emerging.

Guillaume BARONNET

Credits: Guillaume Baronnet