Pal project, Paris, Fr

"Ring Ring Ring" is an exhibition where there's nothing to see, but everything to hear.

This experimental format brings together 100 artists and 100 telephones, but 0 works are exhibited in pal project. The telephones ring at random, allowing visitors to listen to descriptions of the works dedicated to them. The text was written by curator Andy Rankin and read by a voice synthesized from recordings of artist Carla Adra's voice. When you've finished listening to the recording, all you have to do is press a certain key on the telephone to be put in touch with the gallery owners to proceed with the acquisition of the work or its description. The audio file is a duplicable multiple until the phone stops ringing, which happens as soon as the work is sold. The title of the work, or the name of the artist who produced it, is not revealed, in order to encourage a period of listening that will stimulate the imagination. This uncertainty is accentuated by the fact that it's impossible to know when the phone will ring, or even if it will ring again. A curious sense of urgency emerges from listening to these necessarily incomplete descriptions. It's an opportunity to ask ourselves what we really retain from a work of art: is it what we see of it, what we're told about it, or what we're told about it? This exhibition is an experiment in the spread of rumors and the birth of legends.

"Ring Ring Ring" is an exhibition where there's nothing to see, but everything to imagine. "Ring Ring Ring" was made possible thanks to the invaluable technical and creative support of Telerys Communication.

List of artists presented :

Zarouhie Abdalian - Carla Adra - Haseeb Ahmed - Cesar Akli Kaci - Emii Alrai - Xavier Antin - Dana-Fiona Armour - Sasha Auerbakh - Adam Bateman - Alexandre Bavard - Cécile Beau - Yoan Beliard - Louise Belin - Théophile Blandet - Max Blotas - Celia Boulesteix - Max Brück - Gillian Brett - Stéphanie Brossard - Nathan Carême - Leonel Castañeda Galeano - Charlotte Charbonnel - Celia Coette - Caroline Corbasson - Marlon de Azambuja - Georgia Dickie - Marcin Dudek - Riley Duncan - Morgane Ely - Frederik Exner - Antonio Fernández Alvira - Arthur Francietta - Julia Gault - Tania Gheerbrant - Marina Glez. Guerreiro - Jules Goliath - Arthur Golyakov - Romeo Gómez López - Laura Gozlan - Collectif Grapain - Ruiji Han - Kim Hankyul - Jingfang Hao - Tristan Higginbotham - Anders Holen - Ádám Horváth - Silas Inoue - Ellande Jaureguiberry - Gvantsa Jishkariani - Ilya Kabakov - Paul Kajander - On Kawara - Monika Emmanuelle Kazi - Koen Kloosterhuis - Alfons Knogl - Lennart Lahuis - André Magaña - Jenine Marsh - Josep Maynou - Matisse Mesnil - Maya Minder - Anita Molinero - Mikelis Murnieks - Louise Mutrel - Naomi Nakazato - Yosi Negrín - Lee Nevo - Matthias Odin - Francesco Pacelli - Angyvir Padilla - Emma Passera - Jonathan Pêpe - Nelson Pernisco - Emma Pidré - Valentina Pini - Laura Põld - Manon Pretto - Yoel Pytowski - Andy Rankin - Antoine Renard - Vivien Roubaud - Kévin Rouillard - Sofía Salazar Rosales - Janne Schimmel - Kristina Sedlerova Villanen - Ding Shiwei - Dennis Sierig - Paola Siri Renard - Anna Solal - Jura Shust - Laurence Sturla - Shinuk Suh - Katinka Theis - Sarah Valente - Evita Vasiljeva - Capucine Vever - Romain Vicari - Iolo Walker - Xolo cuintle

Pal project / RING RING RING