Jacket, bike area rooms, modular jacket, variable dimensions

Nomadic 5020 is a third-generation jacket, preparing for a local or global disaster. In the face of a potentially cataclysmic event or the collapse of industrial civilisation. Between modular clothing and survivalist armour. The Nomadic 5020 is designed to be as modular as possible, with its integrated backpack and sleeping bag.  

Modern society, in order to function as efficiently as possible, has made us interdependent. The potential for future collapse forces us to move towards autonomy, coming up against this interdependence. Nomadic 5020 is handcrafted, in inner tube, the leather of post-industrial air. This jacket is between sportswear heritage and the ancestral gestures of tanners and upholsterers.

Nomadic is a new generation of clothing, the SURVIVAL-WEAR.Nomadic is a new generation of clothing, the SURVIVAL-WEAR.


Made in the inner tube of a recuperation bike, thanks to the association of a handlebar in the head, Clermont-Ferrand, Fr


Events :

2018, Exhibition Tissers des liens, Musée bargoin, Clermont-Ferrand, Fr