Protective mask
Photography, variable material mask, variable dimensions

In an increasingly monitored and controlled urban environment, is it possible to ‘escape’, or to exist in a different way?  

Protective masks are prosthetic objects with a futuristic look. These objects, sometimes wearable architecture, sometimes clothing and masks, allow us to escape from the world. The prostheses are thus designed to protect their guests in an increasingly aggressive environment. The pieces are made in a logic of economy of means, using only pre-existing objects and materials. Protective masks are shapes, clothes and masks, allowing everyone to integrate or escape from their environment. Masks allow to protect one’s identity, giving everyone the possibility to make themselves accessible or not.   


Events : 

2019, Habit(É) Bargoin, Bargoin Museum, Clermont-Ferrand, Fr

2019,  Dystopique, article in Lobservatoire-magazine