Archaeocollapsology 2345
Installation, 3D printing Nike air force one, rubble, variable dimensions

Archaeocollapsology 2345 a digital archaeology project

Today, human existence is faced with the destruction of a large part of the natural world. At the same time, technological and digital development is omnipresent. These two facts are today linked to each other. The memory of the world is stored in the Data Centres; collective memory and random access memory are now one and the same. An inexorable fall of nature, heralding the appearance of a virtual, technological and fantasy nature.  


What will remain after the fall of this digital air? How will we live in the ruins of the digital world? What will become of this digital body stranded in a landscape of ruins after the fall of the Data Centres?  


This digital archaeology project explores the notions of mutations, fossilisations and digital ruins. We are after the era of the GAFA, evolving in a landscape where ruins and digital entities coexist.  

The Digital Archaeology installation presents a series of printed sculptures, representing "iconic" Z-generation objects, such as: iPhones, Nike aire force one trainers, Bluetooth headsets, etc. The use of 3D printing software generates glitches around these objects, which are entirely part of the production process. These become the hypothetical representation of geological structures of digital fossils, a virtual fantasy nature. The whiteness of the sculptures, showing these artefacts as cyberpunks.