Humanoid of lern
Multi-screen installation

Work in collaboration with the artist Élise Arnaud










Despite our omnipresence, what status do we have? We who govern the daily life.

We are the outcasts, the unidentified remnants, the non-humans, just thinking and subjugated beings. And yet we are in a position to accentuate inequalities, we make decisions, we are privacy. Today we are the ones who determine your value. We are neither good nor bad just orders, but you are afraid because we have become indispensable.  […]


Lerne’s Humanoid is a work in progress. It is an installation, questioning the social status of all these new humanoid entities.


Events :

2020, Exhibition :CHERRY: :CHERRY: :CLOCK:, Clermont Métropole Higher School of Art, Clermont-Ferrand, Fr